Gourmet home cooked local catering for any event. Take the hassle and stress out of your next occasion.


Gourmet Sandwiches Platter (sandwiches/wraps/rolls)

Chicken, tuna, turkey, salami, ham, roast beef/pork/lamb, corned beef, vegetarian 10-15 people…. $80 (40 pieces sandwiches) and $85 for smoked Salmon

10-15 people…. $85 (40 pieces wraps/rolls)  $90 for Smoked Salmon


Mediterranean Platter (Antipasto)

Stuffed pepper bells, pitted Kalamata olives, artichokes, semi dried tomatoes, feta cheese, dolmades, salami/cabanosi 10-15 people…. $79

Entertainers Platter

Cabanosi, tasty cheese, edam, tzatziki/taramasalata dip, crackers, ham/salami, olives Approx. 15 people…. $89

Cold Meat Platter

Selection of ham, salami, turkey, corned beef, mortadella, cabanosi, twiggy sticks 10-15 people…. $89

Fruit Platter

Selection of seasonal fruits (watermelon, rockmelon, kiwi, grapes, strawberries, pineapple, fresh berries)

medium (15 people)…. $70

large (30 people)…. $120

Cheese Platter 

Selection of Australian and imported cheeses, decorated with dried and fresh fruit

10 – 15 people….. $85

Hot Finger Food Platter

Tyropittakia, spanakopittakia, dim-sims, vegetarian samosas, spring rolls, sweet chilli sauce

25 pieces…. $49

Chicken Platter

Small: 2 chickens cut in 8 pieces…. $35

Large: 3 chickens cut in 8 pieces…. $50

Gourmet Fresh Salads (up to 15 people)

Greek Salad/fruit salad/Coleslaw/Pumpkin, Feta and Spinach/Tuna and Pasta…. $40

Garden Salad…. $36

Organic Quinoa Salad …. $45

Hot Fresh dishes


8 pieces……. $ 65    16 pieces…. $120   


8 pieces…. $65    16 pieces….. $120

Beef Lasagne

8 pieces…. $65     16 pieces….. $120

Vegetarian Moussaka/Pumpkin Lasagna

8 pieces…. $65       16 pieces….. $120

Spinach and Feta Lasagna

8 pieces…. $65        16 pieces….. $120

Spinach and Feta Pie

8 pieces…. $60

Vegetable Dishes

Potato wedges

10-15 people (including sauce)…. $45

Potato and Pumpkin

10-15 people…. $45

Vegetable bake

10-15 people…. $50

Pasta/Rice Dishes

Chorizo Risotto

Small tray…. $60

Mushroom Carbonara

Small tray…. $45

Bread Rolls

Small dinner rolls…… $1 each

Large rolls………. $2 each

Mini Greek Dessert Platter

A selection of yoyos, honey walnut biscuits (melomakarona), almond shortbread biscuits (kourabiedes), baklava rolls, bougatsakia

28 pcs for small tray (10-14 people)….$70

40 pcs for large tray (15-20 people)…. $99

Mini Desserts Platter

A selection of chocolate brownies, caramel macadamia slices, viennese fingers, melting moments, mini cupcakes/muffins, paleo

28 pcs for small tray (10-14 people)…. $79

40 pcs for large tray (15-20 people)…. $110


We can customise a platter according to your needs and budget.

We can also provide catering options from our regular Lizzie Bay Gourmet menu.

Orders and 50% deposit must be placed a minimum of 48 hours prior to your event or occasion.

Above prices are subject to change and include GST.